Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Less Marcia Brady, More Raven Baxter: The 70s Can Leave

seventies are back (obv)

The 70s are back and its bigger and badder than ever. You probably haven't noticed due to its super subtle influence on the Spring 2015 collections in New York and London. It takes a super trained ear to hear the slight, *judging you* whispers of Marcia Brady all over Derek Lam's suede panelled skirts, Dries Van Noten's minimal use of silk and BCBG's flared pants. While I love middle partings, giant sunglasses and floppy hats as much as the next blogger brat, I was really hoping that the really popular 90s revival would lead to an even more popular early 2000s repentanance. You know, a decade I can really echo sentiments of "back in my day" and actually get on my Tumblr pretense, "only 2000s kids will know what [assorted shit probably featuring heelies] is".

Ever since chokers, velvet and those giant Fresh Prince puffy jackets came back, I hoped that  my mom was insane for attempting to insist I purge my closet of the frilly mini-skirts, furry collared tops and jersey skirts that were the light of my youth. Sadly, Jackie Burkhart isn't trying to let that happen. Well, I say NAY.

"But, Khensani," you begin. "The 2000s were gross." Well, shut up. 
Listen, you're too focused on the excessive amount of belts, scarves and butterfly clips to actually recognise what was the greatest sartorial decade ever. Yes, we're all a lit bit turned off by super low cut Ambercrombie skirts and high rise thongs and all the weird shit people used to bedazzle all over their jeans and don't get me started on velour tracksuits. 

But, young one, do you not remember the July 2003 issue of Vanity Fair?
What about the super ghetto fabulous application of faux fur to anything and everything?
Or the absolute experimentation in all things crop top? I'm talking one shoulder, no shoulders, straps, weird things that just ended in a triangle above your navel and a very (worrying) supply of halter tops.
 And don't even get me started on the rise of metallics:
Also, along with V-necks that kept getting deeper than French existentialism, it was arguably the greatest time for the OG socialites (DUIs and public lack of underwear included); Nicole, Paris and Lindsay.
 Don't try to tell me Lizzie McGuire wasn't everything either.
 Or pretty much anything by Gwen Stefani (cultural appropriation aside).
 And Lil Kim.
 And this happened.
 Also: Gossip Girl, headbands, tights and coats, man.
No lie: the 2000s got very messy very often but it was also the most fun I ever remember in fashion. There was this lack of inhibition in terms of hemlines, materials, lace-ups, colours. Not to mention the absolute carefree Black girls on the rise; Lil Kim, Eve and Missy Elliot to name a few. I don't think there was anything as aesthetically exciting as one of their music videos. To hell with eyes over lips or lips over eyes: accentuate whatever you want to accenuate. 

The 2000s were free. It just seemed like the funnest mish mosh of past decades and modern clothing. It was wearing all your favourite items at once and spending your Bring It On DVD pack money on the overpriced criss-cross C&C California tank tops because Lauren Conrad had three.

Marcia Brady just don't do it like that.

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  1. I think maybe one reason designers continue to fall back on the 70s rather than the 90s is because that's the time they were young or first got into fashion because of a fundamental generation gap (or whatever you call it when someone's 20 years older than you)
    the point is brands at fashion week aren't ready to love the 90s as anything other than ironic but fortunately there are some cool designers like Ammerman Schlosberg who I wrote about on my blog who kinda get it

    the stretchy 90s pants thing is something that was originally inspired by the 70s and Susie Bubble summer it up kinda perfectly,

    Anyway I hope this made sense and I hope you keep posting about trends or revolutionary ways to start antu-trends featuring Lil Kim and Donatella Versace

    1. This is actually a really good point. I never considered that designers were revisiting what they knew best or what generation best related to them. I think anything over two and a half years is a generation gap, hahaha.

      That did make sense, thank you. x

  2. I looove this post man, you are my hero. I've never been 100% hooked on 70s style, but I am SO READY for the faux fur, PVC, 'the tackier the better' glory of 2003 to re-enter my life- the first time round I was too young to appreciate it which is the biggest shame. xx

    1. Omg, right? Freaking time wasn't on my side so I didn't get to actually live 2003-2005 besides, like, being a gross kid during the time. I like that phrase actually, it fits really perfectly: "the tackier the better".


  3. This post resonates with me so hard. Like, the 2000s was chock-full of culture. It was THE prime time for world cinema (shoutout to the cheetah girls and the Lizzie McGuire movie) and what people wore was a daily fascination--who had the shirt with the biggest abercrombie & fitch logo was a damn serious competition. There was a certain kind of plasticness and superficiality about the 00s that ironically pushed people to be as gaudy as possible, and it's that reckless freedom that needs to be brought back and celebrated <3

    1. Don't get me started on 2000s film. Viva la 2000s!

  4. I love all the outfits ever worn in gossip girl, ugh. Even tho I'm more a nineties girl...

    1. The nineties did have that really laidback, devil-may-care 'tude to it. But I'm too anal to pull it off effectively, you know?

  5. Gosh, I'm so ready for the 70s trend it's not even funny. Love this post!

    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award hope, you enjoy. :)

    1. Turtlenecks are the greatest things ever ever, so yes, definitely. Thank you so much.

  6. Omg I was just thinking this the other day, there's this youthful exuberence and sassyness that comes with the 2000s. Really well written btw x


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