Monday, 2 March 2015

Bang, Bang Into the Room

 February is always a really difficult month. You realise, once again, that you can't keep throwing so much money because "New Year, New You", Valentine's Day is pretty awful (especially since you already threw away so much money in December), Fashion Week(s) sucks and your resolutions/plans/hopes has been thrown off by Reality and all the things you have to catch up on.

I think that's why March is such a blessing. You can finally take a breather, prepare for upcoming vacation time, the arrival of winter (layering makes me so happy and, also, Drake weather) and change up your life.

I finally gather the courage to crawl up from under all my art homework and get my hair cut, as well as experiment with some bangs which a recent article on Man Repeller convinced me was an essential to every young woman experience ever. My friends, who helped me rescue the hack job originally done to my head, did not agree.
Top: H&M | Skirt: H&M (by accident, I swear) | Jacket: Better Half | Bag: Zara
I wore this last weekend when I went Glitter Betty sourcing and Melville exploring with a friend I hadn't seen in forever. It was so refreshing to not spend all day making body chains and embroidering Drake lyrics onto crop tops (don't ask).
(Left to right:) Lines from Locket by Kilo Kish, Wednesday Night Interlude by Drake and Weekend in Atlantis by Jaden Smith

What's everyone looking forward to this March?


  1. your hair looks amazing!!! so much love for you and your photogenice face agh, also, forever loving your wall. I am so ready for march yas! but then again another month closer to exams, kill me now bruh. xx

  2. you are so cool ah plus your hair is amazing! xx

  3. Your shop is going to be so good. Good hair decisions goings on here, love it. Did you change cameras???

    I'm looking forward to making money. I have no current money-making prospects.

  4. Those bangs are so perfect !
    Looking to have a "drastic" hair evolution myself .. so daunting but super exciting !

    I also feel March is the start of my year . Like the ambience is just peaceful . Big tings should be happening.

    P.s Super excited about the store man . Will be coppin' a few body chains for myself .

  5. I'm a march baby so I'm looking forward to my birthday especially since I am getting a new bike and some books ! (both much needed at the moment). I am also looking forward to seeing more flowers blooming and the temperature rising a little of course. I think your hair looks fab by the way !

    xo, Charlie

  6. love your outfit! I feel the February struggle, especially towards the end of the month. Here's to march haha


  7. Your hair looks like an adorable cartoon character's cut combined with a sassy and most sophisticated '60s lady. I love it. Cannot wait to see more of Glitter Betty.

    Lexi Likes


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