Sunday, 31 January 2016

Do What You Want When You're Popping

A few new developments:
1. I just started fashion school.
2. I cut my own bangs a day before school started. (I have no idea if my hair will stand the constant heat.)
3. Real life is hard.

Things that have not changed:
1. Shirts are still being worn backwards, cardigans still double as V-neck tops.
2. I still only own one belt.
3. Real life is hard.

Shirt: Identity | Skirt: Mr Price
(Above is my first day of school outfit. I left my house in such a panic (late as always) and didn't notice that my prints weren't matching up in colour.)

Part of me is completely thrilled to have a reason to wear makeup every day, plan outfits the night before that I scrap each morning and actually take my hair out of its bun every morning. This part feeds into my general new beginnings, new life excitement where I'm meeting new people, creating memories and making new friends every single day. But, wow, it's exhausting being a real person.

As much as I enjoy already having a signature everyday makeup look and wearing clothes that were meant for growing, teenage girl bodies, I am so tired. Orientation Week was only three days but I feel like I've just trained for and complete the Comrade's Marathon. I am very ready to retire. I also like to dig my own grave by being my most adult self by deciding to visit the latest Museum of African Design exhibition last Thursday night. I put aside my school/real-life fatigue to enjoy walking around the gallery in a pencil skirt and discussing mise-en-scene and drinking dry white wine.

The exhibit was really cool, by the way. Unfortunately my camera died two minutes in and I couldn't capture the magic of the Angolian art on display. I do suggest that anyone in Joburg makes a visit quick, quick.
Cardigan: thrifted | Skirt: Mr Price | Socks: Factorie | Bag and Creepers: somewhere in Istanbul | Harness: Glitter Betty
For my second day of school, before I got home in this black-and-red ensemble, I wore a nondescript green t-shirt and high-waist short-shorts. I remembered that morning that I was meant to be trying minimalism out for a while. And once again it came out hella basic.
Romper: Mr Price | Harness: Glitter Betty | Belt: my dad | Jewelry: Glitter Betty | Socks: Mr Price
Day/morning three was hard on account of my having been out the night before and only coming home in the AMs (but side note: how cool am I now) (hahaha, still not very cool, I know). I wore this romper which was almost my uniform in December just because of how easy it was to wear and dress up/down.
Upon looking at these photos, I realized I was very barely trying out  a new aesthetic but updating something I'd already done before (bangs, backwards shirts, high hemlines).

 Anyway, I should probably be preparing for school or whatever tomorrow.
Also, I think I deserve major daps for not titling this post "This Ain't High School" or including Nicki Minaj's High School or Beyoncé's Schooling Life.


  1. duuude wearing shirts backwards is the best, basically because I don't feel like my titities are on show, which is great! when you are an A cup and are basically on the itty bitty titty committee
    Also I'm weirdly excited for you to start fashion school, because you're going to be great and also you wear clothes beyond their conventions which is an important reminder for me to do the same.

    For selfish reasons, I'm also excited your starting fashion school, because you'll post outfits on the reg

    1. I hope you're not talking smack about the itty bitty titty committee because that's my dream club. Hopefully I'll grow up and my boobs will shrink from the pressure of growth.

      Ugh, I'm way way excited about fashion school but I have to be cool about it and pretend it ain't nothing but a G-thang. Hahaha, outfit posts will defz be regz.

  2. The second outfit looks like the little thing I crumpled up and forgot about at the foot of my being. This little forgotten thing is called my SOUL. You're right, being alive is hard.

    I'd go to this exhibit if Maboneng wasn't so far and prickly/hard.

    So glad we haven't (yet) lost you to Cape Town.

    1. Hahaha, whooo, child. Please go to Maboneng, like make an entire day of it so the trip will be worth it. You'll love the D'Zair exhibit soooo much.

      Cape Town isn't getting a hold of me just yet.

  3. Oh my god art school sound so cool! I hope you're having an absolute blast :)



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