Sunday, 21 June 2015

Winter Is Coming

The hottest club this winter has to be fleshy shades of pinks, reds and beiges to counteract the overbearing, over-saturated shades of yellow and orange coming through this season. South African winters are very dizzying as the sky gets bluer and the sun supernovas into yellows so bright they grow macabre but, at the same time, the temperature barely rises above 20. Which I'm sure to all ye Northern Hemisphere kids is a breezy summer day, but my drying valley of bones cannot deal. If it could at least look like winter-- you know, overcast skies, wind, trees without leaves-- I might be able to get into the whole winter vibe, fantasise about layering textures, patterns and what not. Instead I have to deal with what looks like summer on steroids but feels like the depths of my soul.

You'd think this constant summer that's not summer would mean that Scandinavian brand of sadness would go away (you know, the unhappiness behind all our favourite Dutch/German paintings and shades of blue) but the not summer part intensifies it ten fold to a Saharan Sadness that won't go away. It's a lot if misplacement and not knowing how many jerseys to wear. The skies remain a cloudless, terrific shade of blue throughout all this.

Babble aside, you're thinking of a white Christmas, I'm imagining a brown winter filled with grandma motifs (rose patterns, porcelain, plastic covers), 24 hour mood lighting and lots of frumpy, asymmetrical lines. Nothing matters. Hail Satan.
 top: still from The Virgin Suicides c/o of Google Image search // left and right: stills from Twin Peaks c/o Google Image Search // stills from Xxplosive music video by Dope Saint Jude (screencaps)
 left: Teenage Gaze by Petra Collins // right: my friend, Lukhanyo at Liquidchef's two months ago
 top: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert still (from tumblr) // bottom: Teenage Gaze by Petra Collins
 A.W.A.K.E. Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection (from
 Teenage Gaze by Petra Collins
 The supreme babe, Zipho (Tony Gum Online)
 A Rookie Mag photo set entitled The Way Home
 Babyghost Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear // pieces from the Central Saint Martins show including that of Samuel Guidong Yang and Matty Bovan (all photos from
 Bree in Desperate Housewives, c/o of Google Images
 Kirsten Dunst's pelvis, somewhere on Tumblr
Physical Education by Sipho Mpongo and Zipho/Tony, from Tony Gum
 The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
 (Central Saint Martins show)
 From Zipho's tumblr
 Rookie Mag photoset entitled Twilight Shine
Still from Heathers.

I love all you dead gay sons. Tell me about your summers and all the vibrant shades you're envisioning this June/July.


  1. aesthetically, everything is perfect and you've countered this euro-centric view we have about the world. you don't get to experience the quintessential winter with blue skies, leaves and snow but something else which seems unique and more special than the extreme cold which has been heavily romanticised to death

  2. i love this post! aesthetic on point and the writing was really beautiful. i love the phrase 'Scandinavian brand of sadness,' there's something really special about that.
    bella xx

  3. Your moodboards are somehow the most cohesive and beautiful things. You curate really well, you know. Also I hope you know how lovely you write. Your winters sound so absurd and contrast mine so intensely. I do dream of white christmases because between the months of october and march everything outside my window is simply a sheet of white.

    Anyways, I miss reading your blog. Glad I'm back.

  4. I'm in love with the aesthetic of this post, and I'm freaking out over the Heathers reference! I love "Saharan Sadness" and "Nothing matters. Hail Satan." made me laugh :)

  5. ooh I love this so much <3 All the colours are so beautiful. It does confuse me sometimes how everyone experiences winter and summer differently- here it feels like it rains practically 24/7 every day all year :( xo


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