Friday, 8 May 2015

MemoPad Notes

I want somebody / that can touch my body / who's lovin' everybody / but's lovin' nobody but me / and nobody can see / what me and her are doin' / in our spare time / that was our time / it isn't their time. 
Starry Room - Jaden Smith - CCV1

I should be applying to university or catching up on all the homework I keep missing because of my sleep shaped procrastination but instead I'm really upset that RapGenius described Jaden Smith's Starry Room as "Jaden Smith wrote this song about Stella Hudgens, and as an apology to her for messing up in their relationship. He also apologizes to his past girlfriends." Yeah, OK, RapGenius, and the sky is just molecules scattering blue light from the sun. 
These are all notes I've left on my phone that I thought I would journal.

Post format heavily inspired by Claire.


  1. Jaden Smith is so incredibly on point, calls out how the media perpetrates him so well just my lord
    I love all this little thoughts, I used to do this all the time and kept a proper journal for most of last year- maybe I should start it up again

  2. I've been playing Jaden and Willow's stuff a lot these past few months. Lmaoo it really pissed me off how on Rap Genius someone said Jaden's remix of Teo's ER the Faculty was about his love for Kendall Jenner. I'm like you can do better than that bruh lol. I wanna start doing that thing you did where you print out your texts- i wanna do it with my thoughts instead. cool post.

      Please make a post if you do, I would love to see that

  3. Whatever Jaden and Willow have realised, I need to realise. They seem so carefree and chill and self aware and like they're vibrating on a different frequency
    I love the way you've blogged your notes



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