Monday, 9 February 2015

The Radio, They Don't Really Play Us

My life's turning into one long Jaden Smith ballad and it's a little trippy because I haven't slept in three days and I don't know how to count minutes but, wow, it's so good.

You don't think about how many things distract you or how much nothing you're accumulating until everyday you're doing everything and now there's always something and anything to do. My friend texted me the link to Jaden Smith's new album(?) (EP?) (great American novel?) on Friday and I've been a state ever since. I redecorated my room, taught myself some Photoshop, caught up on my journal work (both personal and Art) and made like 38380402 chokers and body chains for Glitter Betty. I also am finally up to date with Supernatural and I don't understand why there was a time I ever wanted to not be busy.

It's like on E!'s Fashion Bloggers when Margaret is like, "All I ever do is work and school." And then she mentions something about a boyfriend that obviously flew over my head.

Last year I printed out a couple of text messages from my friends and kept them above my bed but I preferred them around my mirror now, where I'll be forced to interact with them everyday.
Photo of my mom at a party back before I was born - so, like, hella nineties, man // Hamsa body chain over a Mr Price white lace bra I bought purely for Tumblr feels.
Flamingo and palm tree pendants from Mr Price and an Accessorize 'Make Your Own' necklaces strung over a wire hanger ("NO MORE WIRE HANGERS") // Elephant neckalce and gold bracelet from the Turkish Bazaar over a Van Gogh postcard from the time I went to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam // a Petra Collins photo on some red gumpaper from my old visual journal // Left to right: photo by Petra Collins, photo by Paul Ward and a photo from the Swedish House Mafia concert two years ago.
Top: Cotton On. Skirt: Glitter Betty. Shoes: charity shop (for R50 [$5] at a charity shop and they're genuine leather) (!!!). Chokers: Glitter Betty

I strongly doubt I'm going to be able to keep my wall this pretty for very long since I suck at keeping my room looking like anything other than a neglected charity shop. Anyway, what's everyone been up to? Any tips for not being such an organised mess?


  1. Love the outfit and photos, not tips for not being a mess room wise though because I am exactly the same. I organise everything and then a couple of weeks later it's back to complete chaos. I do like what you've done with your room though <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. YOUR WALL IS SO BEAUTIFUL PLEASE DON'T CHANGE IT. Seriously, love it. And man your outfit is stunning, as are your blue eyebrows (pure genius). Can't wait to see more of Glitter Betty! x

    1. Omg I'm going to try really hard but ugh I'm the worst

  3. GOT DAMN. It should be illegal for anyone to be this cool. Love your hair and your room decorations. Ugghh yeah its like there is ALWAYS something to do and I feel guilty when I'm not doing anything (sometimes even when meditating). Ooh I just heard about Jaden's album and I really need to check it out. Right now I'm listening to Mozart on loop and I'm feeling all sorts of chill like idek bruh Its like I'm on earth but I'm not??... Maybe its all the school stress and Mozart numbing my nerves. :P

    1. Hahaha, thank you. I'm gonna be on my best behaviour to keep things tumblr and cool. OMG LISTEN TO IT ASAP ITS THE BEST

  4. your room is beauuuutiful!! so arty man, I approve X1000. 3 days with no sleep is impressive, and ahh man please give me your wardrobe + photo editing skills. xx

    1. yes! now my life is complete :)
      i'll give you mine if you give me yours!

  5. you're room looks sooo good I don't know how else to tell you. And your outfit looks killer, love what you also did with your makeup on this one

  6. I feel like "get sprite, wear flats" is peak. Like, all the women I come from wanted me to know this but never got around to telling me. It's the answer to everything. So much makes sense.

    Staying busy and mental illness is so treacherous. I'll be feeling like poop of the highest order where making the bed, brushing my teeth and lying very still is an achievement. Then there'll be this brilliant moment of clarity, you know when it's 4am and you're still awake, sober and the windows are all open and you're sure you can totally see the sun begin its ascent? That. And I go through the things I should have done for the day, week, year, my late teens, my early 20s.

    The only Smith we recognise is Willy.

    Your wall space is dope. You should do a room tour. I'm nosy af. Want chockers to rhyme w hookers so bad.

    Long Winded Comments Hall of Fame.

  7. "Great American Novel"... that killed me!! :) I love how you've decorated your wall, such a cool way to hang necklaces and such. So pretty!!

    xx Alyssa

  8. Okay, girl. I'm crushing on you right now! Love your style, your blog but must of all love the way you write! Love!

    Just mad a short list of what you can do for your valentine on the blog. Without breaking the bank;-)


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