Tuesday, 4 November 2014

"Instagram is a job."

For once in my life I can say I've been really busy the past few weeks and it won't be because I'm posing a perfectionist procrastinator, binge-watching Teen Wolf and choking on failed dreams. No, this time, it's half of that.
The beautiful Ogunrombi sisters, Foyin from Dear Solo on the far right. 
There was South African Fashion Week A/W 2015 two weeks ago. Blogged here and here. Amongst getting drowned in dirty mop water and getting an eyebrow pimple from all the makeup, I actually ended up on Mzansi Insider, a local breakfast show, but I missed getting to binge-watch myself. Again, it is a breakfast show. I was also spotted by A Fashion Friend and the Urban Mavericks.

Seriously, throwing it back to about a week ago, I saw Alysia Harris - based goddess of all things poetic and lyric - perform  L I V E, as in IRL, as in for real, as in I could reach out and not smudge my computer screen, at the Joburg Theatre with other Khensani, from Oh Kenzo. Our shared knowledge and love for Alysia made me realise that we are twinsies. It was such a spiritual experience; Alysia is quite possibly a witch because everything she does is magic and the whole audience shared collective pangs of heartbreak because she was real and she would leave after this night.
You're missing the plot in all its entireity if you're not already a fan.

On the same day I was doused in dirty mop water, my class friends and I threw a cocktail party for our parents so they could have a 'let's come up with crazy things for our kids' matric dances so that we can relive our  youth - things like planning their after parties or staying for the duration of their dances' meet. Oddly enough, everyone's parents dissolved into cliques familiar to that of the pre-existing cliques of their children and all us children spent most of the night gorging ourselves on the platters the adults didn't touch and I took a million photos of everyone.

 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa has just came and passed in a blur of macaroons, free drinks and swag bags. I've spent the past week reporting on everything for Style Africa. You can find my:
Day 1 Roundup here
Day 2 Roundup here
Day 3 Roundup here
Day 4 Roundup here
Interview with designer, Ines Cuatrecasas of Mille Collins here
Elle Rising Star 2014, Tamara Cherie Dyson here.


  1. I had never heard of Alysia Harris before! Totally digging, her voice and poems are so beautiful



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