Friday, 18 July 2014

Will You Pour Me One for the Road?

The above blurry, iPhone photograph was taken by a stubborn party-goer who was wearing chinos and a bad attitude about taking un petit photo of me and my girls while also trying to hit on us and perhaps try to take a bad photo of Kelicia (middle) which, as he found out, is scientifically impossible and morally wrong.

This was two days after change-your-hair-change-your-life applied to me (see: weave) and a less than 24 hours before I would prepare to board a plane heading to the greatest two weeks of my life: summer in Europe. Think of this photo as the beginning of Daydream Nation or whatever Indie film where our heroine's all like, "... before everything changed forever."

I've been back in sunny South Africa for almost a week now and I haven't had the courage to write or blog or stay at home all day because that would mean my European summer, my climb up Kilimanjaro if you will, was officially over and that it would all only exist in shared memories and unflattering photographs.

So I've been looking at life before Europe, laughing at how completely different life turned out to be.
I just wanted to show how cute my outfit was - well, at least I felt really cute because I had frilly socks over my tights. Also, my panther jersey never gets to go outside to play. Also, my friend, Kate, made that top five minutes before we had to leave the house. 
So, my little Northern Hemispherites (and, yeah, some of you Southerners), how has your summer (or "summer") been going?

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  1. You guys look so flawless. Curse the man donned in chinos who couldnt even take a proper photo of you guys. my summer has bern hella chill just writing/filming, watching horror movies and sketch comedies. Also reading till my eyes fall out. Hope you have a nice week! :)


We can also talk about the overweight, grey cat I'm gonna name Atticus one day or how you're feeling.

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