Thursday, 24 April 2014

There's a Lot of Metaphors, You Just Lack Vision

tartan plaid winter fashion 2014tartan plaid winter fashion 2014
 How about a round of chicken wings for me? I've spent the past four days trapped in my room, doing art, writing bad poetry and failing at putting in false eyelashes (how do people do that on a daily basis). So after watching bad TV, I rallied (read: tricked) a friend into going to see a movie with me.
We watched Hercules, starring (beautiful, beautiful) Kellan Lutz. It is a terrible film. Do not see it. Do not let Kellan's sculptured face trick you into believing otherwise.
mesh crop winter 2014 fashionmesh crop winter 2014 fashion
My crop top is from Mr Price, bag from Zara, skirt from the days of my youth (does that count as vintage?), and my boots and socks from Jet. I'm playing around with the idea of Winter fashion now that it's getting really windy at night and it took a lot of strength to stray away from adding my red trench coat over this.
black fashion 2014 winter autumn
I've had such envy over the tights, coats and wool pieces Northern Hemisphere bloggers have been sporting up 'til now. I never know how to dress in summer unless it's half-naked in my room, watching Australian soap operas. With winter you can wear boots, leather, things with buttons, things with a lot of zips, no one judges you for mismatched items because you're just trying to keep warm - we feel.
eyebrow game hella strong
box braids 2014
box braids knee socks
I wanna give photo creds to my brother for these but I don't know if it counts since it's just me forcing him to stand in a certain position, angle the camera like so and leave enough space above my head. And then me still cropping and tinting the photos.
kate cooking pap
Last week when my friends stayed over for my birthday weekend extravaganza (za) (za) (zaa), we (mostly them and I took photos and drank concentrate juice) cooked dinner for my family. (So as much as I love cooking, I never eat my own food and I wasn't in the mood to go on toast for the night.) We made a night of it; decorating the plates like it was Masterchef, putting on the romance lights (they never have any use here ever) and playing Chance the Rapper's slow jamzzz.
bokeh lights
gourmet pap and vleis
gourmet pap and vleis

Khenzo xx


  1. I am having trouble figuring out how to properly convey how much I adore your style. (and that skirt is something I NEED in my life.) These photos are fantastic. That dinner thing looks like such a good time (I wish I could cook). It's so strange, what with the hemispheres, to see you blogging about it becoming colder where you are when it's getting warmer and warmer here. Boggles my mind, cause SCIENCE. Anyways, love this post, you're fantastic, teach me how to cook okay bye.

    1. Sonja, you are the best! Sweater weather is always better, though, great excuse to get soft and pudgy.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I NEED THAT SKIRT. Your #OOTD is cra'y trippy doe gurl :D So you gonna courier that skirt to me, yeah? XX

  3. Love the skirt and the socks are so cute. Ah yes up North (hemisphere wise not country) we are finally abandoning our coats (I say we, many are still skepticle). xo]

    1. Why though? Coats are a great place to keep your sweets and bombs!

  4. Love the skirt. Beautiful photos x

  5. I love this outfit! Sheer and plaid is a good #look. I enjoy spending my time making art and poetry too. Kathleen Hanna also mentioned how its important to create things in ur room so yay 4 us *high fives you* ur food had me droolin


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